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Lanyu (Orchid Island), which lies off the SE shores of Taiwan, is inhabited by the Yami tribe. Their ancestors built ‘cinadkeran’, or traditional 10-man flying fish canoes, and legend has it that such boats carried them from the Batan Islands in the Philippines to their new home on Lanyu many hundreds of years ago. But it has been 27 years since the inhabitants of Imorod village have built a cinadkeran. ‘Cinadkeran’ tells the story of the first such boat to be built after all those years, from the felling of the first tree and the painstaking construction process ― riveting, carving, painting ― through the extraordinary boat ceremony, right up to the boat’s maiden voyage to catch flying fish almost one year later. A year in the life of the Yami tribe. This documentary also portrays the rivalry between two men, both of whom wish to become the boat-guardian of the cinadkeran ― the position which commands most respect in Yami society. For it is the boat guardian who must carry out elaborate ceremonies to appease the powerful spirit which resides within the cinadkeran, in order to ensure that disaster will not befall the village...

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詳細 Datail

Directed by: Andrew Limond
Sound effects: Saito Tsuneo
Audio mixing: Imori Masanobu
Narration: Stuart A. Varnam-Atkin
Academic Cooperation: The Taiwan Yami Culture Research Forum, Inui Naohiko, Minagawa Ryuichi
Translation: Siyapen Monod, Siyapen Jazikna (Siyapen Kotan)
Produced by: Kitamura Minao, Miura Yoko
Cameramen: Andrew Limond, Goto Ippei, Kanazawa Yuji
2nd Unit Director: Jin Akira