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Every year during the Flying Fish Season, large predatory fish such as ‘arayo’ (coryphaena hippurus) pursue the flying fish on their great journey northwards. The fish migrate past Lanyu, and the men of the Yami tribe set out to sea in their traditional canoes to hunt the arayo. The arayo is thought to be a sacred fish, and the Yami believe they must observe complex taboos to ensure a successful catch. Siyapen Makkarash (68) sets out to sea early on the first morning of the fishing season. He quickly catches a flying fish and lashes it to his hook to use as live bait. Rowing back and forth in his distinctive handmade boat, he sings to call the arayo over, promising to sacrifice a cockerel in his boat, there, out at sea, if only an arayo would swim over and take a bite. With a glint of scales, a large arayo strikes his hook and leaps from the water. Makkarash has a fight on his hands...

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Directed by: Andrew Limond
Produced by: Kitamura Minao, Miura Yoko