Tsukiji:World’s Largest Fish Market

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Language : English
Subtitles: English and Symplified Chinese
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It is not just an ordinary fish market. It is the biggest in the world with a traffic of 100,000 people going in and out of 850 stalls. 50,000 tons of fish is traded daily with hundreds of millions of dollars changing hands. Its famous auctions have attracted millions of tourists worldwide. But what lies beneath the surface of this amazing market? Shot on pure HD, this incredible 3-part series is a visual feast on never –before –filmed sequences on how a 300-kg tuna is cut, the unique skills of the fishmongers and the myriad varieties of seafood available. But can the world's largest fish market sustain its business of selling the freshest fish for the next centuries to come?

Episode1: Going Going Gone!
Episode2: A Fish Called Wonder!
Episode3: The Incredible Hands
[2DVDs: 144mins]  

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